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Personal Injury Assessments

We provide expertise in the assessment of individuals for civil court matters as well as family, including assessment of the victim’s injuries due to, for example, road traffic accidents or assaults.

Dr Louise Earley has expertise in the assessment of post -traumatic stress in both children and adults. Psychological treatment for the symptoms of trauma is also available.

Medico-legal Expert Witness Psychological Reports for Personal Injury Claims

We consider issues such as:

  • premorbid functioning prior to the index event
  • the psychological impact of the event
  • motivation for treatment
  • levels of impairment
  • the type of treatment and number of sessions required
  • likelihood of improvement
  • a review of accompanying documentation

Clients can be seen in a range of settings including the clients home if appropriate, school or solicitor’s office. We also have offices in the Midlands on an appointment basis at locations including Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Lichfield.

Our Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr Andrew Brennan, has specific expertise in the neuropsychological assessment of potential cognitive and behavioural disruption due to memory, attention, visuospatial and executive functioning changes following neurological injuries. He began working in rehabilitation with people who have neurological conditions 20 years ago and continues to work in an NHS rehabilitation setting as well as privately.

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