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Child Psychology Services

Child psychology can help families and children in many ways.

Psychologists can provide individual appointments with a child to address issues such as anxiety, low mood, self- esteem, social skills, school issues, ADHD and ASD (autistic spectrum disorders), self- harm or counselling for trauma or phobias. Sometimes work with parents is helpful to aid with strategies for behaviour management, confidence building and relationship development.

Child Psychology Services

Family work is also an option helping a family to communicate more effectively together and learn ways to negotiate problems. At Cura we will discuss the psychological treatment options available to you following a comprehensive assessment.

Our aim is to create a treatment package that suits your needs. Cura is collaborative and always works as closely as possible with parents to ensure that you are fully involved and happy with the treatment plan. Following an initial assessment appointment which usually takes 1 hour will we outline the approaches on offer from our menu of services. You can then decide how you would like to proceed. Cura has a client/ therapist agreement which outlines our principles of confidentiality, cancellation policy and charges. You will be provided a copy of this so that you know what to expect from us from the outset.

Looked After Children

Looked after Children face particular challenges. Not only have they been removed from their family of origin due to concerns about their welfare but they may be placed in new locations away from their extended family and friends. Sadly the impact of these experiences can mean that it is difficult for them to trust in those who care for them and this can create problems for the stability of their foster placement. A vicious cycle of multiple placements can be the result if appropriate intervention and support to foster carers is not available. Dr Earley at Cura has extensive experience of working in the field of fostering and adoption having provided psychological therapy to children and foster carers in a looked after children's service in the Midlands for nine years. She is trained in a variety of therapies specific to this population of children including DDP (Daniel Hughes) and Theraplay techniques. Cura can provide psychological consultation and training to foster carers (please see our professional pages) and therapy for attachment difficulties, developmental trauma and re-parenting. These are delivered with the overarching aim of supporting the vital work of foster carers.

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Baby & Toddler Developmental Assessments

Infants & Toddlers

Building a brain... that is essentially what occurs from conception to age five. These early years are the building blocks for future development of cognitive, social and emotional functioning. How we think, feel and relate to others. Change and growth occur rapidly at this age and it can be easy for things to go off track sometimes. The birth of a sibling, parental illness or family stresses such as bereavement can all impact upon even very small children who often express their confusion in the only way they know how... through their behaviour. We offer assessment and consultation to aid with developmental concerns such as challenging behaviour, toileting, sleep problems, eating issues and separation anxiety or to help with a concern about how your infant/toddler is relating to you. Sometimes a 'one off' discussion about your child’s issues may be enough to reassure or a fuller developmental or play assessment may help shed light upon issues of concern to you and help to get your child’s development back on track.

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Baby and Toddler Assessment

Children & Families

Children are now under more pressure than ever before. The rapid social and technological advances of recent years have meant that even primary school children are exposed to intense pressure to conform to social expectations portrayed in the media. This appears to have led to increases in anxiety for children about how they look and whether or not they fit in. Cyber bullying via social network sites is a reality of the modern age. Many children will manage this with the support of family, friends and their natural resilience however sometimes a child psychologist can help. If you have an issue at school Cura are happy to liaise directly with the school with your permission.

We offer individual work to aid and increase children's resilience to help them cope with the pressure they face. Social skills, anxiety management and self- esteem work are some of the areas which we can help with. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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Dyslexia Assessments


The teenage years have been described as a time of 'storm and stress' but it isn't always the case that these years are so turbulent. What is known is that this is a time of huge hormonal shifts and rapid brain development. With so much going on it is not surprising that teenagers can feel like it is hard to keep up; self- doubt, and fears about the future are common for this age group who are grappling with complex issues around sexuality, relationships and identity. This can place them into conflict with parents who may find themselves uncertain of how best to react and respond. Common teenage problems such as self- harm, risk taking behaviour and depression can be helped by a safe, private place to talk through fears and anxieties. Cura can offer work for teenagers and consultation to parents. Cura is not an emergency service so if you have an urgent concern about your child’s welfare we recommend that you contact your General Practitioner or other welfare agencies such as the police or social services for assistance.

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Cognitive Assessments

Trauma work for children following personal injury

If you are a solicitor or case handler looking for a therapist for a child who has suffered from trauma or PTSD following an accident Cura can provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy following trauma/PTSD to children and/or work with families to manage their experience of an incident or accident. Sometimes the impact of the event can lead to families struggling to manage and support their child effectively. Individual work and parent consultation is available. Our Personal Injury Assessment page gives further information.

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Autism & ASD Assessments

Medico legal assessments and reports

Perhaps you need an assessment of family dynamics, sibling relationships or are interested in the attachment and bonding between a mother and child? Dr Earley at Cura is an expert witness in the family courts. She carries out psychological assessments of both adults and children. She can help with questions about the impact of drug, alcohol or parental mental health upon a child's functioning and behaviour. She can advise on therapeutic approaches for working with parents and on the likelihood of improvements in parenting functioning in relation to children’s needs. Cura also works with families on the brink of care and can offer therapy to families directly (see our child psychology page). If you require an assessment on parental capacity or a neuropsychological issue Cura also offers services in these specialisms. Please see our professional page for further details of medico legal work.

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Medico legal assessments and reports

Developmental and educational assessments

Cura can help to point you in the right direction, helping you as parents to liaise confidently with your child's school to ensure they get the help and support they need. Cura carry out assessments firstly discussing your child with their teachers. Observations at school can be helpful to assess how your child relates to others and approaches their learning. The final step is cognitive testing, this involves a series of games and puzzles called a WISC which give a detailed insight into areas including memory, attention and concentration and comprehension. This will help to assess your child's strengths and weaknesses. A straight forward written report will then be provided to you and your child's school. This can include recommendations for learning and further help and is likely to be a key document in the preparation of a statement. Please see our costs page for details on pricing.

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Autism & ASD Assessments